Management Fee Policy

The overhead assessment charged against Foundation funds is intended to cover, at least in part, the costs of investment management, custodianship, professional fees and Foundation and Development Office administration.

 It is the philosophy of the Foundation Board that the management fee relate as closely as possible to the actual costs incurred.  Accordingly, the Finance Committee will review and recommend, at least annually, a management fee schedule for approval by the Board of Directors. 

The current schedule is: 

Investments (annual rates assessed quarterly) 

Endowment Pool


 *Non Endowment (expendable) Pool


 Real Estate(% of Annual Rents)


 **New Gifts 


* In those instances where expendable funds are held in Money Market type accounts, MUSC Foundation receives the interest earned in lieu of the quarterly management fee.

** Excludes special events revenue.  Capped at $50,000 maximum per gift. 

Effective 2/15/19