‘You were a crucial part of us getting there.’

November 01, 2019

Like 85% of students at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), Mary Stewart Leatherwood depends on financial assistance to pay for her education. She is grateful for the donors who have invested in her, including the Pharmacy Network Foundation and the Craft family. She says scholarships impact lives far beyond the students they support.

Mary Stewart Leatherwood

Mary Stewart Leatherwood, '20 talks about the impact generosity makes on the lives of students.

“And no matter where we go, you can know that you were a crucial part of us getting there because generosity is like a seed you plant. It starts off as one small thing, and when it is grown it becomes even more than it was when it began. Especially in education.”
–Mary Stewart Leatherwood, Class of 2020, first Craft scholar at the MUSC College of Pharmacy.