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Thank you for choosing to make a difference on #GivingTuesdayNow!

Kate Azizi
May 12, 2020
MUSC says Thank You on Giving Tuesday Now

You may have heard this parable before:

A man was walking on a beach where thousands of starfish had washed up during a storm the night before. He spotted a boy, picking up the starfish and throwing them back into the ocean, one by one. He stopped to ask the boy what he was doing. “Saving these starfish!” he replied. “Why, there are too many,” the man said. “You’ll never make a difference.” The boy stooped to pick up another starfish and flung it into the sea. “Made a difference to that one!”

Last week, people around the world participated in #GivingTuesdayNow, a day when they donated to causes and organizations important to them. Aside from providing nonprofits with financial support, the day is important because it sends a powerful message that no problem is insurmountable when people come together and resolve to overcome it. This message of hope and inspiration is so important at times like these.

Here at the Medical University, we observed the day by inviting the community to make a gift in support of MUSC’s COVID-19 response efforts. It might have been easy for them to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the current “storm,” which so far has infected more than 1.3 million people and claimed 80,542 lives in America alone.

And yet, like the boy on the beach, they chose to get involved. They did so by making $100,000 in gifts to the MUSC Foundation, including $65,000 in support of the Medical University’s COVID-19 response efforts. 

The largest portion of these gifts – about $40,000 – was designated to the MUSC COVID-19 Testing Fund. This fund was created to expand South Carolina’s capacity to test for the presence of both the disease and its antibodies, an important indicator of possible immunity.

More broadly, these tests also will help us learn more about how this virus spreads, which in turn could help us better understand how to contain it, end it, and build better defenses against future outbreaks. You can learn more about our testing in the “question and answer” feature of this newsletter.

It is too early to say where we are in the COVID-19 curve or exactly when it will come to an end. But it will end. When it does, what we will remember is the names and faces of those affected, as well as how this community rose to meet this challenge – with an unshakable spirit of hope, resolve and generosity. Thank you for choosing to make a difference.

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Kate Azizi
Vice President for Institutional Advancement

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