Katie Hinson knows better than most how art can heal

February 21, 2019
Arts in healing

Hinson had open-heart surgery at MUSC when she was 5 years old. After surgery, she painted a lot of pictures of herself and of her heart.

“Art was my kind of tool, throughout my life, to heal or to process what was going on with me.”

Now as the director of the Arts in Healing Program, she’s using her experience and her training as a board-certified art therapist to help patients and their families through art.

The program is supported entirely through donations, volunteers, and employee giving. Support from MUSC employees like you helped buy art supplies and musical instruments.

But your gift does much more than provide paper, paint, and brushes. It also gives patients and their families a distraction from pain and boredom, a reason to smile, and a way to cope during and after their hospital stay.

Hinson “wholeheartedly appreciates” everyone who contributed to the YES Campaign. “Your gifts are changing what’s possible in health care.”