Our Goals

Advance New Knowledge & Scientific Discoveries

We will generate and translate cutting edge discoveries, integrating them with learning, health care, and health promotion across the MUSC enterprise. We will utilize integrative science to work seamlessly and collaboratively to impact the health of our patients and community. We will enhance our research and set strategic priorities linked to our clinical strengths while engaging community, academic, and industry partners.

Embrace Diversity & Inclusion

We will create a more diverse community in which every member is respected and valued. We will leverage differences in ways that allow people to understand and be understood as we work together productively.

Foster Innovative Education & Learning

We will evolve our learning methods and translate educational principles to foster a lifelong learning environment for students, staff, and faculty. Interprofessionalism, team building, and technology will serve as our foundation as we seek to enhance the value of our educational initiatives, which extend to our patients and the communities we serve.

Commit to Patients & Families First

We will redesign how health care is delivered to provide Patient and Family Centered Care. We will further our commitment to high quality, safe, evidence-based care. We will ensure that our teaching, clinical management, and research leads to team oriented, seamless, and effective care. We are partners with our patients and families, honoring and respecting their roles as caregivers and care-receivers.

Build Healthy Communities

Foster collaboration across our enterprise that is health-focused, not just disease-focused. In so doing, we will impact the health of the MUSC family and the communities we serve with a priority on healthy lifestyles, preventive care, and MUSC evidence-based care delivery.* Our integration of these priorities will strengthen our health education, research, and care delivery through targeted engagement and collaborative relationships. *Currently called MUSC Health Ideal Care.