Diversity & Inclusion

What It Means to Embrace Diversity & Inclusion

Our purpose is to create an academic health care community where every member is respected and valued by leveraging differences in ways that allow people to understand and be understood, and work together productively to change what’s possible.

Inspired by the mission and values of the university, diversity, and inclusion is an integral part of the fabric of the MUSC family. These values establish the Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan’s foundation of introspection, awareness, understanding, and mutual respect.

“We are committed to creating an inclusive experience for the lives we touch.”

Why Are We So Committed?

It’s the right thing to do. Whether providing patient care, educating students, or making new research discoveries, we must make ALL of those who touch MUSC in some way feel like they are in the right place, and that they belong here.

Diversity promotes a healthy bottom-line. Numerous studies and national leaders have definitively made the case for diversity and inclusion – organizations with robust diversity and inclusion cultures generate more revenue and are better able to execute and innovate around the services they provide.

Diversity and inclusion breeds innovation and innovation is the key to better health care. The more variations in opinions, ideas expertise, education, culture, and background, the more flexible, effective, and accurate we become as an academic medical center and biomedical research leader in a constantly changing industry.