Master Class Capstone Presentations

Back: Dr. Joe Vuthiganon, Jessica "Jes" Cornelius, Tracie Porter, Lavarrick Townes, Katie Weas Middle: Dr. DaNine Fleming, Sandra Gethers, Avis Shoters, Alisha Gourdine, Charmaine Wilder, LaDeidra Berry, Kelley Harrison, Deborah Reynolds, Dr. Michael de Arellano, Dr. Willette Burnham-Williams Front: Paula Sutton
Inaugural Diversity and Inclusion Scholars with Program Director, Dr. DaNine J. Fleming and University Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Willette Burnham-Williams

On May 20th, 2019, 16 Diversity and Inclusion scholars from across the enterprise presented their capstone projects demonstrating mastery in creating socially just organizations and operationalizing the core principles of diversity, equity and inclusion. The capstone presentations encompassed many facets of diversity and inclusion, from onboarding practices to recruitment and retention of under-represented minority faculty and self-care.

The purpose of the Master Class for Diversity and Inclusion certificate program is to equip campus leaders to further the diversity and inclusion dialogue as well as to serve as effective allies directly impacting the recruitment and retention of individuals with an emphasis on underrepresented minorities. The goal of this program is to develop the internal capacity of MUSC enterprise members to have the resources necessary to partner and create more meaningful, sustainable diversity and inclusion practices on campus.

We look forward to partnering with these scholars in advancing the mission and values of the Enterprise and Diversity and Inclusion strategic plans.

Alisha Gourdine engaging with audience members during her presentation

Alisha Gourdine engages with audience members during her presentation.