Frequently Asked Questions for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Mandatory Training Requirement

Last updated: 07/19/2021 

A diversity, equity, and inclusion mandatory training requirement of 4 hours has been approved by the President’s Council and is a requirement that begins 2021 and will continue in perpetuity.

Who is required to complete the requirement?

ALL MUSC Employees are required to complete the 4-hour education requirement. If you are still unsure if you are required to complete this requirement, please ask your direct supervisor for guidance. President’s Council approved everyone in the workforce who has a face to face presence at MUSC to be included in this mandatory requirement beginning with FY2021. This mandate only excludes students, volunteers, and vendors that do not have a presence on campus.

How many hours do I need to complete the requirement?

All MUSC Employees are required to complete a minimum of 4 hours of diversity and inclusion training.

What is the time frame to complete the requirement?

Mandatory completion dates are set July 1  – June 30 annually. 

Do all of my hours have to be done at one time?

No. There are a variety of trainings available to you to meet your schedule and your passions as long as they are completed within the time frame of July 1 - June 30. 

Where do I find pre-approved training & education that meets the requirement?

Visit MUSC's Diversity & Inclusion MyQuest Catalog (Login Required)Unless your supervisor or HR has assigned specific modules to you, there are no set courses. We encourage employees to choose something from the catalog that will help them develop in their passion and profession. You can keep track of the hours earned in your MyQuest Transcript.

How do I know if I have completed the requirement?

How to View and Print Total DEI Training Hours

  1. Visit and login to your account with your NetID
  2. Under “My Learning” click “My Training History”
  3. Click “Print”
  4. Click “Select Learning Modules’
  5. In Available Choices press “>>” to select all and move to selections, click “OK”
  6. Check box “Include External Training Records”
  7. Input Start and End Dates and Click “Print Preview”
  8. Scroll to bottom of page to see total hours completed

Note: After completion of the 4-hour DEI mandatory requirement, please send a copy of the report to your supervisor/manager. Print and/or save a copy for your records. 

I completed a face to face class and do not see my attendance recorded in MyQuest.

If you have attended a face to face training, please give us 14 days to upload the attendance to MyQuest. If more time has elapsed, please e-mail

I don’t see a DEI module in my assigned mandatories, does that mean I don’t have to do them?

Everyone is responsible for completing the 4-hour training requirement. Unless your supervisor or HR has assigned specific modules to you, there are no set courses. We encourage employees to choose something from the Catalog that will help them develop in their passion and profession. You can find all pre-approved classes and trainings in the Diversity & Inclusion MyQuest Catalog.

What if I have attended an external conference, learning opportunity, or event (with learning outcomes specifically related to diversity, equity and inclusion) and would like it to count towards my Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training requirement?

Employees must submit a consideration request that includes specific information about the learning opportunity, and provide documentation that verifies participation and attendance.  Requests must be approved by the Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and your direct supervisor (External DEI Professional Development Consideration Form).

I submitted a External DEI Training and Education Credit Consideration Form but it hasn’t been approved?

Once your form is submitted it can take 14 days to hear back if it is approved or denied. If it has been over the 14 day period and you don’t see it in your transcript, please email

What if I have suggestions for different trainings?

We value the input of the MUSC community and are constantly growing the catalog of resources for the MUSC System. If you would like to speak to the Training and Intercultural Education team please email 

Do I have to complete the mandatories if I was hired after March 29, 2021?

Yes, all employees, staff, and faculty are required to complete mandatories no matter when they enter the organization. If you were given notice at new hire orientation that you will complete your mandatories via a new hire module in MyQuest, please follow the directions given to you regarding compliance. If you have questions, please reach out to your HR Representative.