Graduation Requirements

This program measures intern performance to ensure they are meeting core competencies for entry-level practice.

Interns must Comply with Criteria to meet Graduation Requirements.

  • Practice in compliance with federal regulations and state statutes and rules, and in accordance with accreditation standards and The Academy's Scope of Practice, Standards of Professional Performance and Code of Ethics.
  • Complete 100 percent of planned experiences, which includes 43 weeks of rotations, 6-8 group projects, 2-3 paired assignments, 4-5 individual projects, and up to 30-35 days of didactic time (varies annually).
  • Achieve a “meets expectations” score (or higher) on evaluations from 100 percent of rotations and projects, including staff relief week. Evaluations not achieving "meets expectations" initially will require the intern to repeat the experience. If competence is not achieved upon repeating the experience, further actions will be taken to ensure optimal learning needs of the intern.
  • Attend at least one national (FNCE) or state dietetic association meeting, and at least 2 local dietetic association meetings during the year.
  • Complete all program requirements above within the expected program length (43-45 weeks). Exceptions are made on an as needed basis when an intern may require more time to complete/repeat rotations or assignments due reasons of illness, personal mattes or performance issues.

Upon satisfactory completion of this program, interns will receive a verification statement and are submitted to the Commission of Dietetic Registration for eligibility for the RD examination. Graduates are also prepared for state licensure depending on their location of practice.