Program Expenses & Financial Obligations

Please visit the Sodexo program cost site at

Average living costs in Charleston range from 800-1200/month depending on chosen apartment living.  The Charleston site director can help guide interns on living situations and often intern live together.  MUSC also has an off-campus housing site (we do not have on-campus housing) that interns can find additional rentals and MUSC students seeking roommmates.

MUSC will require most interns to purchase scrubs, but have many to donate from past years

In addition: 

The state and local Dietetic Chapter offers an annual $200 to $500 scholarship to one intern based on letters of recommendation and performance merit during the internship. Student and intern scholarships are also offered at the national level at the Academy's Foundation website.

Program Benefits & Perks

  • Free parking (ride a bus into campus).
  • Free access to MUSC’s library services, including access to many online journals and books.
  • Free access to our mental counseling services as needed.