Selection Process


If you are open-minded, flexible, adaptive, and perseverant to a fast-paced environment consisting of over 22 rotations in 15 different health care settings, under 40+ preceptors — then you are our type of candidate.

What We Look for in a Candidate

Strong Recommendations Letters

  • Should note maturity, initiative, strong work ethic, communication skills, interpersonal skills, positive attitude, perseverance, etc.
  • At least one letter must be written from an RD or RDN.  We also prefer a letter from a work/volunteer supervisor and a college professor.

Strong Academic Performance

  •   GPA 3.0 of higher in DPD related coursework

Strong Work Experience

Includes paid and volunteer. All experiences are considered, but emphasis is given to those in nutrition/dietetics field.

  • Both variety and quantity of hours worked/volunteered will be considered.
  • We understand opportunities decreased due to COVID

Extracurricular Activities

  • Examples: time dedicated to service organizations, campus clubs, sports, community outreach, philanthropic work, study abroad, etc.

Strong Personal Statement

  • Demonstrate strong communication and writing skills to describe your interest in the program.
  • Elaborate on why you feel you are a strong candidate.

Demonstration of Leadership & Initiative

  • Special achievements/awards
  • Additional duties
  • Additional certifications/trainings
  • Examples:
    • Officer of a club
    • Supervisor at a job
    • Double major
    • Student/athlete award
  • Not required, but a 'bonus'

Other Considerations

Health Fair Selection

Applicants must be of sound physical and mental health and no history of substance abuse. A medical history, proof of required immunizations, and negative urine drug screen performed by a recognized health professional will be required for acceptance.

All matched interns will be subject to a criminal background check. If additional crimes are found from the background check that are not already listed in DICAS application, there is a possibility the intern could be dropped from the program

MUSC embraces diversity and inclusion. We are committed to equal opportunity and non-discrimination.

We Cannot Accept Applicants If

  • You are an international student here on a work or student VISA.
  • You obtained a DPD Verification Statement and/or GRE scores more than 5 years from the month of program commencement.
    • Example: No earlier than August 2016 for the August 2021 year.

The Interview

  • Upon application review, the most qualified candidates will be notified, by e-mail or phone, for an interview announced by March 1. 
  • Applicants not notified by this time were unfortunately not selected for an interview and will not be ranked. D&D Digital allows intern applicants to re-order/change their original ranks prior to match day. Check D&D matching website for dates.
  • If selected, you will be provided date and time options during the interview dates during the 3rd weekend of March (Fri-Mon) via a virtual platform called Microsoft Teams.
  • Applicants will interview for approximately 20-25 minutes with the Director and either one or two other preceptors.

The Match

  • Applicants must participate in computer matching. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics outlines their computer matching process, including responsibilities of the DPD Director, the applicant, and the Director.
  • The matching company where you can find information on registration, fees, and dates is D&D Digital.

Acceptance of Appointment

  • Matched applicant must contact the DI Director to accept appointment within 24 hours of the Match Day results.
  • Prior to the first day of the program, the DI Director will require:
    • Original copy of a Verification Statement from DPD program
    • Original or e-transcripts proving highest degree earned