Insurance Guidelines

Insurance Eligibility
Employees in classified, faculty, postdoctoral scholar, research grant, and resident positions are eligible for insurance benefits if they are employed for at least 20 hours per week or more (.50 FTE).

Retirement Eligibility
Employees who occupy a classified or faculty position earning more than $100 per month are required to participate and contribute to one of the South Carolina Retirement Systems plans. Postdoctoral scholar, research grant, resident, or temporary employees are eligible to participate in one of the South Carolina Retirement Systems plans.

Effective Date
Your insurance begins on the first day of the month after your hire date. If you begin employment on the first day of the month, your insurance is effective the first of that month. If you begin employment on the first working day of the month, you can elect to have the insurance begin the first of the month in which you are hired or the first of the following month.

Insurance Premiums
Premiums are paid in the month for that month of coverage. Biweekly paid employees pay premiums on the first two paychecks of each month.

Medical Evidence of Good Health
If Supplemental Long Term Disability, Long Term Care or Spouse Life insurance is waived as a new hire or during a guaranteed enrollment period, medical approval is required to add the benefit. An employee may also need medical approval to increase Optional Life insurance above a guaranteed increase. 

Family Eligible for State Insurance
The State Employee Insurance Program does not allow employees to cover spouse or children on health, dental, or life insurance if they are eligible to be covered under another employer covered by SC State Insurance. This results in lower premiums for the family.

Transferring from Another Employer Covered by SC State Insurance
If an employee transfers from another employer covered by state insurance and has less than a 15 day break in service, they are required to continue the same insurance they had with the previous employer. If an employee moves outside of an HMO coverage area, they are allowed to switch insurance plans.

Upon separation of employment, whether voluntary or involuntary, insurance will end on the last day of the month you separate employment with MUSC.

Dependent Documentation
PEBA will require dependent documentation (PDF) at the time of enrollment for dependents of new hires and dependents added during open enrollment or due to a special eligibility situation. Documentation must be received and approved by PEBA before any of the benefits selected will become effective.