Workplace Possibilities

The Standard offers the Workplace Possibilities Program for current benefits eligible University employees. The State of SC LTD policy includes the Reasonable Accommodation Expense benefit. This provision funds the services of a program coordinator and a consultant who are assigned to evaluate and help employees overcome the barriers caused by medical limitations. The program also allows us to provide adaptive equipment that might be needed to help employees return or remain at work as productively, safely, and comfortably as possible. The employee can either still be at work and struggling because of a medical condition, or they can be off work because of the condition. The MUSC Group Number is 10033710, and Contract Number is 627284 for the Basic policy and 621144 for the Supplemental policy.

Once The Standard coordinator receives the forms, they will review the medical information to make sure they have what they need. Sometimes the coordinator will call the employee for additional information. The coordinator then sends the case to a local consultant to begin the process of reviewing the impact of the employee’s medical limitations on their essential job functions. Based on the employee’s needs, case management may be employed to help support the employee in returning to work. At other times, an ergonomic assessment will be scheduled to determine what physical accommodations can be offered to improve an employee’s ability to continue doing their customary job. Throughout the process, from referral to installation of new equipment, the coordinator and consultant will keep HR updated and apprised of their progress.

Please review Workplace Possibilities Program FAQ (PDF), WPP Program Flyer (PDF), Request for Services (PDF), WPP Authorization (PDF) and WPP Medical Request Form (PDF) for more information.