S.A.F.E. Cartridge System and Masks

3D rendered models of 3D printed mask and filtration
(L) Solid Mask Prototype, (R) S.A.F.E. Cartridge System

Rapid Assembly Filter Cartridge for 3D Printed Aerosol Masks

Recently developed at MUSC and with a patent pending, The Rapid Assembly Filter Cartridge is a modular filtration system that can be fitted onto commonly found reusable or 3D printed aerosol masks.  The design of the cartridge allows for rapid and efficient 3D printing or injection molding, permitting rapid manufacture of a large number of the filter devices during times of equipment shortage.  The two plastic portions of the filter are placed around a flat HEPA filtration paper creating a tight seal.  A plastic wire or other thread is then fed through the securement supports in order to hold the HEPA filter tightly in place.  When the filter requires replacement, the thread is simply removed, the filter changed and the thread replaced.  Notably this filter device can be printed without support structures on almost any 3D printer, which reduces printing waste, shortens time to print, and eliminates most post-printing processing.

These images depict the stages of the device:

Image of Filter Cartridge  Image of Filter Cartridge Image of Filter CartridgeImage of Filter Cartridge