AI Advocates

The Clemson-MUSC AI Hub is a research alliance aimed at advancing the adoption of AI and machine learning techniques into medical/public health research. To support and expand these efforts, a group of researchers, the AI Advocates, has been assembled to assist in the rapid advancement of this initiative. The AI advocates are engaged with various activities associated with this initiative. In particular, they assist, advise, and grow the efforts of the AI Hub. a research consultancy/collaborative effort being made available to medical researchers across the two institutions. The AI advocates will also engage with bi-monthly seminar series, developing tutorials, and participation in a yearly AI Summit.

The ideal candidate would have both knowledge/background in the development and/or the deployment of AI and machine learning techniques to solve problems akin to those commonly encountered in medical/public health research and would have a solid track record of interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary research. A stipend will be provided to each AI advocate for the first year, in addition to paid (approved) travel expenses that are associated with these activities. Remuneration will be at least that for subsequent years but will be reviewed after the first year. Please complete the application below.

For any questions regarding this role, feel free to contact one of the members of the AI leadership team; Hamilton Baker (, Jihad Obeid (, Dane Smith (, and Christopher McMahan (