Confidentiality Agreements

Most technologies that are available for licensing have non-confidential summaries. These summaries include links to relevant publications and any published intellectual property (published patent applications and issued patents).

In addition to the publicly available data, there is often confidential information available. A confidentiality agreement must be executed prior to distribution of confidential information or a discussion with the inventors.

Companies may review, populate, and execute the template agreements. Please return the executed document to Casey Charboneau at

Option & License Agreements

Depending on the nature of the technology, FRD offers both exclusive and non-exclusive license agreements. The license agreements are custom-tailored to meet the needs of the licensee and the development of the technology.

Option agreements are also available to allow commercial entities to evaluate, but not commercialize, FRD intellectual property. FRD offers options for those MUSC start-ups involves with the FRD SBIR/STTR program.

For further information regarding license and option agreements, please contact FRD at

Material Transfer Agreements

Any tangible material being sent to or from MUSC requires a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). MTAs are managed by the MUSC Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.