Provider & Faculty Burnout

The links below are provided as resources for providers and faculty intended to prevent burnout.

Nutrition & Weight Management

MUSC Urban Farm Lunch & Learns

Monthly scheduled sessions to help participants make the connection between food and health. Topics vary each month.

Urban Farm Work & Learns

Weekly sessions, affording MUSC and community members opportunities to engage in hands-on learning about sustainable urban agriculture including planting, harvesting, and preparing.

Coupons for Crops (Urban Farm)

Employee recognition program providing harvested crops to recipeints of coupons for healthy behaviors or excellence. Awarded by managers/supervisors.

Farmers Market

Weekly event held at the horseshoe providing access for staff/students to fresh vegetables and local vendors.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Local farm share subscriptions delivered weekly to drop off points at MUSC to provide access to locally grown produce.

Dietitian Counseling

Educational, Clinical Services, Dining Services, Research, Dietitian Counseling

Weight Loss Program

Weight loss program, Dietitian services

Health Library

Online Resource/Podcasts

Online Bariatric Resource

Online Resource for MUSC & Community

Healthy Nutrition

Online Resource for Heart-Healthy Nutrition

Healthy Charleston Challenge

A 12 week weight loss and activity competition located at the Wellness Center. The challenge participants have lost over 36,000 pounds, improved blood lipid profiles, improved fitness levels, and reduced risk factors for chronic disease.

Weight Management Center (WMC) Programs

The WMC team works with patients through various programs with interdisciplinary team of MD, Psychologist, Dietitian, and Exercise Physiologists on the ABCDs of lifestyle change: Activity Changes, Behavioral Changes, Cognitive (Thinking) Changes, Dietary Changes, and Support Systems. Downtown, North Charleston Satellite office locations. Have distance program through Focus Carolina and Professional Home Weight Monitoring program.

Weight Loss Surgery

Patients start the weight loss surgery program by attending an open house informational session live or online, then begin the steps of gaining approval to surgery, and work with an interdisciplinary team of surgeons, advanced practice providers, coordinators, registered dietitians, psychologists, and teams for adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle long term. Free educational classes, support groups, and online resources are detailed online. MUSC’s Bariatric Surgery Program is the only local center accredited to perform surgery on adolescents over age 13.

“Managing Your Health” Video Series

Weight management eLearning videos (MyQuest)

Grocery Tour Video

Follow the MUSC Registered Dietitian through this virtual grocery store tour. Learn how to make healthy food choices for you and your family.

Cafeteria: Mindful Meal of the Day

Special pricing to encourage healthy choices.

Cafeteria: Mindful Frequency Card

Buy nine mindful meals and items and get one free.

Mindful at Home Cooking Demo Videos

Mindful at Home cooking demonstrations and recipes allow you to bring MINDFUL home.

Ask a Dietitian - Email Request Form

If you have a question about nutrition that you would like to ask a registered dietitian, use this tool. Your question will be answered by email.

Urban Farm Crop Sheets

Informational handouts on crops grown at the Urban Farm featuring information on how to plant, grow, harvest, and eat each of these unique and nutritionally valuable crops.

Nutrition Education Handouts

See a variety of the handouts MUSC Outpatient Registered Dietitians (RDs) regularly provide to their patients. Regardless of what your health goals are, find a new way to make healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Stoplight Vending

Existing vending machines feature a "traffic light" system to identify healthy choices. A five cent surcharge has been added to unhealthy items with proceeds benefitting the MUSC heart health pediatric weight management program.

Fitness & Physical Activity

Employee Fitness Class

Sign up for a free monthly class (class type varies). Free day pass to the MUSC Wellness Center for all new participants. Led by Wellness Center instructors.

Flight for Fitness Stair Campaign

The stairwell in CSB between A&B elevators has been spruced up with the goal of increasing physical activity among students/employees by opting for the stairs over the elevators.

Fit Gyms

OHP provides gym equipment to requesting MUSC departments who have an interest in promoting physical activity within their department, and dedicated space, ranging from a treadmill and weights to smaller in-office stations with stretch bands and other fitness accessories. Wellness Center fitness instructors demonstrate proper usage and alignment.

MUSC Fitness Park (Built Environment)

Permanent fitness equipment located behind the Bioengineering Building, available for use anytime.

Greenway Garden Circuit at the MUSC Fitness Park

Signed fitness circuit for full body workout at the MUSC Fitness park.

Walking Trails (Built Environment)

Signed indoor walking path through the 2nd floor corridor provides a one mile track for self-paced exercise. An outdoor Medical Mile route around the MUSC campus is also promoted. 

Wellness Center Express Membership

Promotes physical activity opportunities for MUSC employees on campus at a reduced price for off-peak access.

Miles to Change

An MUSC Wellness-supported program including both a running/walking and biking group aimed to improve employee wellness and support an overall culture of health here at MUSC.

Better Back Health Toolkit

Lunch and learns, stretching exercises, ergonomic evaluations available to provide improved posture and back health.

Adventure Out

Outdoor yoga classes offered at City parks, taught by Wellness Center instructors.

Wellness Center

Gym, Pool, Group Classes, Massage Therapy, Fitness Training/Programs

Heart Healthy Fitness

Online Resource for Heart-Healthy Fitness.

Wellness on Wheels

MUSC staff presents to departments in 15 or 30 minute segments on requested topics to provide access to creating a healthier lifestyle.

Psychosocial Health

Wellness Wednesday Massage

Free chair massages are offered weekly in several locations on campus to reduce employee stress. Check Yammer - Broadcast Messages for information.

Massage Therapy – Wellness Center

Restores vital energy and reduces muscular tension and stress to create a better sense of well-being. Fees apply.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

This confidential free service is available to help you deal with difficult personal, family, and work- related problems and offers four free counseling sessions a year. See Employee Assistance Program on Horseshoe.

Health Coaching at the Wellness Center

Health Coaching focuses on decreasing daily stress, achieving a balanced lifestyle, and a renewed clarity in life that promotes overall well-being.

Health Coaching with PEBA

Health Coaching through PEBA is related to behavioral health, chronic conditions, health lifestyles, and maternal health.

Stress Management Toolkit

Includes options for Lunch & Learns, Urban Farm team buildings, and self-guided activities for reducing employee stress.

Sound Sleep Toolkit

Self-guided and Lunch & Learn formats for improving sleep hygiene offered in conjunction with the Sleep Center.

Yogic Breathing Videos on MyQuest

A live yogic breathing series was offered earlier this year as 15 minute class. Four sessions were videotaped for employee access via MyQuest for aid in stress reduction. More information is available on The Horseshoe – the MUSC intranet site.

Mindfulness Video Series on MyQuest

Provide introduction to/guided experience in applying mindfulness techniques to daily life with three short videotaped segments. More information is available on The Horseshoe – the MUSC intranet site.

Urban Farm Team Building Activities

A menu of activities to facilitate better communication, motivate employees, promote creativity, develop problem-solving skills, and break down barriers within the group. Email

Meditation Labyrinth

Located outside behind the Bioengineering building. Available for use anytime for quiet reflection and stress reduction.

Preventative Health/Self-Care

Monthly Worksite Screenings

Annual preventive screening ($300 value) for those with primary insurance coverage with one of the State Health Plans. It includes health risk appraisal, height and weight measurements, blood pressure, and blood draw for: Lipid profile including total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglycerides; Protein, liver, and kidney enzymes (including BUN), as well as platelets, glucose, electrolytes, RBC’s, hemoglobin, hematocrit, & WBC's.

Tobacco Treatment Program

Provide cessation support and resources to all patients and employees.

Meditation Labyrinth

Located behind the Bioengineering building. Available for use anytime for quiet reflection and stress reduction.

Literary Resources

Physician Burnout: The Root of the Problem and the Path to Solution (PDF)

Publish Date June 2017

Combating Physician Burnout

Publish Date December 2016