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Classes are complimentary to members and on a first come-first serve basis; no registration is required. Please refer to the Group Exercise Hotline for changes and updates 843-792-1649. 


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Class Descriptions

BODYPUMP® A barbell class based on THE REP EFFECT™, a proven formula that exhausts muscles using light weights and high repetitions, to sculpt, tone and strengthen the entire body. This is the time-tested secret to developing lean, athletic muscle. Instructors will coach participants through the scientifically proven moves and techniques, pumping out encouragement, motivation and great music. For all fitness levels. 

BODYCOMBAT® A core workout where we punch and kick, but without contact. Participants get their whole bodies fit and strong, burn massive calories, relieve stress, feel empowered and have a blast. The class draws from a wide array of disciplines such as Karate, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Capoeira and Kickboxing. Supported by driving music and powerful role model instructors, participants will strike, punch and kick their way through calories to superior cardio fitness.

Cycling New Stages SC3 Bikes! This is a cardiovascular and lower body conditioning class performed to music with Stages certified instructors. Cycling focuses on climbing hills, flat roads, sprinting and endurance. Cycling class is a fun and motivating experience in an environment geared to all fitness & cycling experience levels.

Cardio Power Hour Interval or block based workout incorporating strength training, body weight conditioning, cardiovascular conditioning and Core emphasis segments. Medium to high intensity workout.

Core & More Class incorporates core exercises, gives you an opportunity to develop your abdominal muscles and bring stability to your body improving posture, strength & flexibility. 

Mobility & Movement This class focuses on joint mobility, muscular stretching, movement efficiency and ease, stress reduction and recovery work.  It is the perfect complement to intense training.

Pilates Mat This total body, non-impact workout stretches, strengthens, and lengthens the entire body with emphasis on the core muscles.

Stae Fit Dance Dancing improves endurance, muscle function and strength in older adults. This class increases balance and mobility which leads to better stability and fewer injuries.

Stae Fit Chair This class allows you to discover the root and essence of your movement and how that movement is stabilized. It is designed to give confidence to move with control and grace.

Stae Fit Strength This total body workout is a great way to get started or continue with strength training.  The exercises will focus on building total-body strength with an emphasis on joint stabilization and core strength.

Strength & Conditioning Faster paced workout that challenges muscular strength and endurance. There are more total sets and reps, a wider variety of lifts with slightly reduced weights compared to the Strength class. Great overall conditioning workout. 

Strength This class improves functional strength and mobility. It is a higher intensity class with medium to heavy weight lifting, periods of sustained elevated heart rates, and floor based conditioning exercises. 

Unbound is a functional training class that utilizes stationary and dynamic 3-D movement patterns and drills to improve cardio conditioning, movement quality and efficiency, functional strength and muscle tone! Impact is minimized to reduce joint stress, and an emphasis is placed on true human movement (move as you do naturally) and fundamental athletic skills.

Water Aerobics This is a full body water workout for all levels combining cardio respiratory, muscle conditioning, and interval training.

Water Tabata Prepare to work harder! This workout is full body, low impact and FUN! You experience a wide variety of exercises that will challenge and help to improve your cardiovascular and overall fitness level.

Yoga is about bringing the Mind, Body & Spirit into harmony. Class content focuses on the warmup, breathing and postures teaching you to trust in your body’s wisdom to bring a sense of peace and renewed vitality.

For questions, please contact Lillie Schulten

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