InBody Testing

Are you working out and not seeing the progress you hoped for?  Are you frustrated because the number on the scale is not moving? Let us help you!!

Why InBody570?

The InBody is the most accurate non-invasive tool to prevent, manage and/or reverse chronic diseases- Including obesity, diabetes, sarcopenia, cardiovascular disease and more.

The InBody 570 is an advanced, fast, and comprehensive method of bio-impedance analysis that provides a complete view of body composition balance.

MUSC  is proud to join other top institutions in the country who use InBody to improve health and awareness: Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic , CIA, Army Rangers, Navy Seals, Marine Corps Special Operations Command, and more.


Test Results:  InBody 570 will show you what is going on inside your body!

  • Weight                           
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass
  • Body Fat Mass              
  • Intracellular Water and Extracellular Water                                                        
  • Dry Lean Mass              
  • Body Mass Index
  • Percent Body Fat          
  • Segmental Lean Analysis
  • ECW/TBW Ratio            
  • Body Composition History
  • Fat/Muscle Control        
  • Segmental Fat Analysis
  • Basal Metabolic Rate     
  • Visceral Fat Level



InBody Analyzer baseline body composition testing with consultation

   Student- $25                       Member- $30                         Non-Member- $50   

InBody Analyzer baseline body composition test with post-test (post-test done 60-90 days after baseline test)

   Student- $40                                   Member- $50             Non-Member- $75   

New Member Fitness and InBody Testing Package:  $50 ($100 Value)

Any new member can purchase this package the first 30 days of membership.

This package includes both MicroFit Fitness Test and the InBody Analyzer body composition baseline test.

Optimize your fitness and body composition tracking and guarantee getting the results you want!

MicroFit Fitness Test:

The MicroFit Fitness Test will assess your current fitness level and identify fitness goals and interests.  The testing includes blood pressure, BMI, strength, flexibility, and sub    Vo2 max which determines your aerobic capacity.

InBody Analyzer body composition baseline test with a post-test:

The Inbody testing (as seen at the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins) provides muscle/fat analysis, obesity analysis, segmental lean analysis, visceral fat level and basil metabolic rate.  An exercise specialist will provide recommendations based on your testing results.


Contact:  Alicia O’Connor  or 843-792-1494