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Welcome to the Video Library created by the MUSC Wellness Center Team!

"This will help you with sleep, hydration, stress resilience, and positive mindset. I think we can all use that during this uncertain time. "We miss you!! Stay healthy!" - Janis Newton


You are responsible for exercising within your limits and assume all risk of injury to your person or property. To the extent permitted by law, MUSC Wellness Center disclaim any and all liability in connection with the use of these online resources.

Outdoor Workout

Outdoor Workout with Alicia and Lillie

Slow Stretch With Alicia

3 Minute Stretching Flow with Alicia

Strength Training

5 Strength Training Exercises from Alicia

Core Essentials

Core Essentials from the Wellness Center Team

Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight Exercises with James

3 Chair Exercises

3 Chair Exercises from Alicia

Lower Back Release

Lower Back Pressure Release from James

Neck Release from James

Neck Release Exercises from James

Tabata Exercises

Tabata Exercises from Alicia and Cairo

15 Minute Workout

15 Minute Cardio & Strength Workout with Alicia

Chair Flow Yoga

Chair Flow Yoga with James

5 Minute Mobility

5 Minute Mobility with Dave

Steps Strength Workout

Use Your Steps Strength Workout Ideas with Alicia

Use Your Steps for Cardio

Use Your Steps Cardio Workout Ideas with Alicia

5 Amazing Band Exercises

5 Amazing Band Exercises With Alicia

Surf and Swim Exercises

Exercises for surfing and swimming fans from Alicia O'Connor

Shoulder Exercises

Stability exercises for shoulders with a band
Cork board with multi colored post-it notes

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Read our Wellbeing Blog

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