COI Committees

University Conflict of Interest Committee


Robert J. Malcolm, M.D. – Associate Dean Continuing Medical Education

Voting Members

  • Mark Bowden – Ph.D.; Director, Division of Physical Therapy
  • Amy Bradshaw – Ph.D.; Professor, College of Medicine & Research Integrity Officer
  • Nancy Carson – Ph.D.; Associate Dean College of Health Professions
  • Denis Guttridge – Ph.D.; Dir. of Darby Children's Research Institute & Assoc. Dir. of Translational Sciences
  • Philip Hall – PharmD; Dean College of Pharmacy
  • Sarandeep Huja – D.D.S., Ph.D.; Dean College of Dental Medicine
  • Paula Traktman – Ph.D.; Dean College of Graduate Studies
  • Linda Weglicki – RN, Ph.D.; Dean College of Nursing


  • Annette Drachman – MHA, JD; MUSC General Counsel
  • David McLean – JD; MUSC Health Director of Legal Services
  • Kellie Mendoza – Director of Compliance and Privacy, MUSCP
  • Kelly Shaw – Director of Compliance and Privacy, MUSC Health
  • Reece Smith – MBA; Director of Strategic Risk, MUSC
  • Angela Wertz – JD; Director of Compliance and Privacy, MUSC


Research Conflict of Interest Committee


Amy Bradshaw, Ph.D. – College of Medicine


  • Mark Bowden, Ph.D – Health Sciences and Research
  • Marc Chimowitz, M.D – Neurology
  • Constance Guille, M.D – Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
  • Amy Martin, Ph.D – Stomatology
  • Steve Rosenzweig, Ph.D – Cell and Molecular Pharmacology
  • Charlie Strange, M.D – Med/Pulmonology
  • Barbel Rohrer, Ph.D – Ophthalmology/Neuroscience