Terra Dotta Portal

Terra Dotta is the web-based software system used by MUSC for managing MUSC J-1 exchange visitor records and requests. As an MUSC J-1 exchange visitor, you will report certain information and submit requests through your Terra Dotta Portal. Google Chrome is the preferred browser for accessing Terra Dotta.

After you have been assigned an MUSC NetID, you will be converted to an “integrated user,” and you will use your MUSC NetID and password to log in to Terra Dotta. Be sure to click the NETID LOGIN button and then enter your NetID login credentials on the next page.

You are responsible for accessing your Terra Dotta portal to provide updated contact information and submit requests in a timely manner. If you have any issues in accessing your Terra Dotta portal, please contact the Center for Global Health.

Terra Dotta Portal Dashboard

Once logged in to Terra Dotta, you will see four tabs:

  • Profile
  • Message Center
  • Requests
  • Documents

The Profile tab is where you can view and update your contact information, such as your US residential address and phone number. Refer to the Updating Contact Information page for more information.

The Message Center tab contains a record of communications sent to you through the Terra Dotta system.

The Requests tab allows you to submit a variety of requests related to your J-1 program, such as the J-1 Out of Country Travel request or the J-1 Insurance Verification request. See the below section for more information on submitting requests in Terra Dotta.

The Documents tab contains documents related to your J-1 program. This includes any documents that were uploaded as part of your initial J-1 sponsorship application as well as any documents uploaded for various requests. During your program, if you need to upload a document, in most cases you will be doing this through a specific request, and thus you need to go through the Requests tab to upload that document.

Submitting Requests in Terra Dotta

Requests for authorization for certain activities are submitted through your Terra Dotta Portal. You can view the various types of requests available to you by logging in to your Terra Dotta portal and navigating to the Requests tab. Also, be sure to read the Instructions panel at the top of the Requests tab.

If you want to learn more about the requirements for a particular request, you can click that request button on the Requests tab. Clicking the request button does not mean that you are submitting the request. If you do not want to move forward with the request you can simply click Cancel.

In addition to the general instructions found at the top of the Requests tab, each request has instructions specific to that request. The instructions can be viewed once you click the button for a particular request. Most requests require you to fill in certain information and upload certain documents related to the request.

If the request requires you to upload supporting documentation, be sure that you follow the supporting document submission guidelines:

  • Documents must be in PDF format and must be clearly scanned on a document scanner.
  • Do not provide photos of documents where other objects or background are visible.
    • For example, do not provide photos of your passport including your fingers holding the passport.
  • Title the document file name to appropriately describe the document.
    • For example: 'I-94 Record,' ‘Insurance Confirmation’ or ‘J-1 End of Program Notification.'
    • Do not upload documents with file titles like 'Scanned Document' 'New Document' '92382717029' or other titles that do not describe the document.