Environmental Appreciation

Red flowers against a wooden saw horse in the MUSC Urban garden


Having an environmental appreciation encourages developing awareness to the environment that surrounds an individual and an understanding of how one’s social, natural and built environments affects health and well-being of a community. It also deals with demonstrating the relationship that one has with a surrounding environment and a commitment to its enhancement.

Characteristics of Environmental Wellness:

  • Finding satisfaction and worth in your academic, working and living environments 
  • Honoring your individual living preferences while respecting the preferences of others              
  • Being aware of your place in the natural environment       
  • Working to ensure the stability and longevity of our natural resources

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Evaluate Your Environmental Well-being – Win a MUSC Promotional Prize

Share your story with us on what you already do to contribute to your environmental well-being and why it is beneficial to you. At the end of each month, we will draw from the submissions and award MUSC Promotional Prizes (e.g. water bottle, beach towel, yoga mat).

QR code. Takes user to Redcap promotional survey about evaluating different health and wellness categories

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Get Involved with Sustainability and Recycling at MUSC – Join the Green Team!

Illustration of two green leaves.

The Green Team is a group of MUSC students, staff, and faculty who have a passion for environmental stewardship. All of our info sessions, lunch-and-learns, workshops and more are sent to green team members. Sign up to receive the MUSC Green Team Email!

Find out about the latest events and happenings through the MUSC Go Green Facebook Page

Conversation Café Series – Monthly series featuring different sustainability-related topics. Normally held on the first Wednesday of the month from 1-2 pm at various locations across campus.  

Conversation Café

Watch previous "Conversation Café" sessions on the MUSC Sustainability and Recycling YouTube Channel:

View the Campus Sustainability Map to see specific sustainability initiatives on campus. Toggle different categories on and off with the sidebar on the left. Click on an icon on the map to learn more. For a more broad scope of campus, visit the MUSC Campus Virtual Tour website. 

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Opt for a form of Alternative Transportation - Bike, Carpool, Bus, Etc.

Emissions from transportation vehicles are a major source of greenhouse gases (GHGs) that drive global climate change. Opting for more efficient means of transportation decreases our effect on the climate, improves air quality, and helps us to create more accessible and healthy communities for people to live and work in.  

Closeup view of a woman's feet peddling a bike down a street.

Alternative Transportation

Visit MUSC's Sustainability and Recycling Departments Alternative Transportation website to learn more about how you can help with eliminating the use of an SOV (single occupancy vehicle).

Learn More

Note: This site contains some invaluable information on biking in the Charleston area including laws, safety tips, and the City-Wide Bike Share program that MUSC students get 60 minutes of ride time per day for FREE.

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The MUSC Arboretum

Did you know the MUSC campus is an arboretum? Did you know MUSC is also the first campus in South Carolina to be recognized as a Bee Campus and only the 10th in the nation? 

MUSC understands the link between improved patient care and learning fostered by the surrounding environment and has made great strides to gain campus designations to achieve the optimal patient care and learning environment for our patients, students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Most recently, MUSC has been recognized as a Tree Campus USA. The video above talks more about the significance of this designation. 

Visit the MUSC Arboretum website to learn more about the programs and find a map and inventory of campus species. 

Ready to get involved? Visit the MUSC Arboretum Get Involved website today and sign-up or send an email to MUSC’s Arborist, Andrew Hargett.  

Tree Campus USA

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MUSC Urban Farm

The MUSC Urban Farm provides a place where students, faculty, staff, and the Charleston community can come together to learn about the connection between land and food. The .5 acre farm, located on the corner of Bee & President Streets, hosts workshops, seminars, volunteer workdays, and tours for local schools.

Students, staff, and community members are encouraged to become involved in the Urban Farm as active participants.  

Volunteer Today!

Volunteers are the key to sustaining a successful project; sign up to volunteer at the Urban Farm today!

You can learn about the different ways to get involved by visiting the MUSC Urban Farm website and selecting the Events or Get Involved options on the right side of the screen.

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The Medical District Greenway

Charleston Medical District's Greenway's logo

Located in the heart of the Charleston Medical District, The Greenway is a place for patients to heal, a place for friends and family to connect, and an outdoor meeting space for colleagues. The CMD Greenway is designed to bring people together in an innovative environment. The Greenway is located on Doughty Street from President Street to Courtenay Drive.

Visit the Medical District Greenway website to find the Greenway's calendar of events (includes food truck line-up) as well as other resources that include the future plans with the space as well as the ability to sign up for notifications of happenings.

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Charleston and SC Area Resources

Charleston is home to some of the most beautiful spaces in the world. Whether you are from here or just visiting, there are a variety of amazing opportunities for you to experience the natural environment and make a positive contribution towards its sustainability. Check out the resources below for more information and please feel free to contact us with suggestions for additional resources.

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