About MUSC Healthcare Simulation Center


The MUSC Healthcare Simulation Center (MUSC HSC) provides an interprofessional, simulation-focused learning environment to 1) enhance the education of healthcare professionals, and 2) improve the provision of safe, comprehensive healthcare across the MUSC enterprise, and 3) support and encourage valuable innovation and research to advance education, teamwork, and improved clinical outcomes. 

Vision Statement

Our employees are committed to providing the highest-level service to all members of the MUSC community. We strive to be recognized, not only for supporting innovative learning strategies, but also for creating a welcoming, supportive environment for all faculty, staff and students.

Value Statement

We adhere to the MUSC core values:  compassion, innovation, collaboration, respect and integrity.

Meet the Team 

MUSC HSC staff work in a coordinated effort with a focus on customer service, transparency, and efficiency. 

Contact Us

All personnel can be approached via telephone, email, or in-person to assist with any service-related questions, comments, or concerns. However, depending on the request or inquiry, written documentation may be requested.  Email: simcenter@musc.edu. Main phone 843-792-1459.