MUSC leadership update on Ukraine

A message from MUSC leaders – March 3, 2022

Dear MUSC family,

It’s been one week since Russia invaded Ukraine in what has been described all over the world as a full-scale act of war. Like you, we’ve been watching and reading news reports of the devastation and humanitarian crisis as it unfolds in Eastern Europe, and we, too, are concerned about what the future may hold.

We recognize that there are members of our MUSC family who are natives of Ukraine and have family and friends there and many others with friends and connections to Ukraine who are now suffering as a result of the invasion. Our hearts and minds are with them as they process these life-changing current events, and we encourage each of you to offer these team members your support and compassion during this difficult time. It’s also important that we remember there are numerous ethnicities and cultures that make us who we are and it is our collective duty in the days ahead to show compassion and support for each other as individuals.

We also recognize that many others in the MUSC community are stressed about the future and the destabilization this war may create around the world and here at home. We care about the impact of this war on each of you. To assist those with immediate emotional needs, MUSC chaplains and the MUSC Resiliency Program will host a virtual emotional debriefing and support session tomorrow, Friday, March 4, at noon via Microsoft Teams, for all who wish to attend. We also remind you to seek support from the employee assistance program, student Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) or Pastoral Care Services if you feel you could benefit from individualized help.

The events that have transpired to date are profound and will have a major impact on the world for years to come, as will those events yet to happen. When circumstances like this arise, our MUSC family is quick to look for ways to help, whether through service of some kind or via monetary donation. To that end, the following is a list of reputable nonprofit, charitable and humanitarian organizations that are experienced in disaster relief and have a presence in the country:

Save the Children (Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund)
Voices of Children
CARE (Ukrainian Crisis Fund)
The International Rescue Committee
International Committee of the Red Cross
International Medical Corps

As Americans, we know well that democracy, and freedom itself, is fragile and must be supported and protected. As an institution, we stand united with the U.S. government and our fellow humans around the world in protest and resistance to this unprovoked attack on Ukraine.

Yours in service,

David Cole, M.D., FACS, President

Lisa Saladin, PT, Ph.D., Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Patrick Cawley, M.D., CEO, MUSC Health and Vice President for Health Affairs, University

Willette Burnham- Williams, Ph.D., Chief Equity Officer