Compliance Offices

MUSC's compliance offices provide a proactive program that ensures full compliance with all applicable policies, procedures, laws and regulations. The compliance officer’s responsibilities include development, implementation and management of a program of action designed to promote ethical behavior in accordance with MUSC’s core values as expressed in the Mission Statement and Code of Conduct. This program will endeavor to protect the reputations of faculty and staff at MUSC and the reputation of the institution for integrity and ethics. A key element in the success of this program is the cultivation and nurturing of an environment committed to the principle of good stewardship and efficient utilization of public funds. The Compliance Offices serve as a focal point for an understanding of MUSC’s total compliance responsibilities. It proactively seeks to train employees and provide for the active solicitation and discovery of concerns followed by an appropriate investigation into problem areas and the timely resolution of issues. This program will directly assist MUSC’s management at all levels in maintaining and enhancing an environment where ethics are paramount in both strategic and operational decisions throughout the organization. 

Compliance Resources

Medical University Hospital Authority Compliance

Phone: 843-792-6128
Fax: 843-792-5114

Stacey Dodd — Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer

University Compliance

Phone: 843-792-9607
Fax: 843-792-7066

Angela Wertz— Director of University Compliance & Privacy Officer

MUSC Physicians Compliance

Phone: 843-792-4693
Fax: 843-876-1322

Kellie Mendoza — Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer