Terra Dotta Portal

Terra Dotta is the web-based software system used by MUSC for managing F-1 student records and requests. As an F-1 student, you will report certain information and make requests through your Terra Dotta Portal. Google Chrome is the preferred browser for accessing Terra Dotta.

After you have activated your MUSC email and NetID accounts, you will be converted to an “integrated user,” and you will use your MUSC NetID and password to log in to Terra Dotta. The Center for Global Health will notify you once your Terra Dotta user status has been converted to an integrated user. Please do not attempt to log in to Terra Dotta using your MUSC NetID until you have been notified that your user status has been converted to an integrated user, as this will cause issues with your Terra Dotta account.

Terra Dotta User Home Page

Your Terra Dotta User Home Page provides a list of all past records and requests related to your F-1 status. Clicking on an individual request will provide more details related to that request.

Your Terra Dotta User Home Page also allows you to view your US address and phone number on record with the Center for Global Health. You can do this by clicking Edit Profile then Address Info. However, you cannot edit your address directly in Terra Dotta. Your address in Terra Dotta is linked to the main MUSC records system for all students, so that your contact information in Terra Dotta is the same as your main MUSC student records. Therefore, you must update your contact information in your MUSC Student Portal in order for your information in Terra Dotta to be updated. Refer to the F-1 Updating Contact Information page for more details.

Submitting Requests in Terra Dotta

Information reporting as well as requests for authorization for certain activities are submitted through your Terra Dotta Portal. Requests/applications in Terra Dotta are known as “records.” When you are completing a record, you must complete all of the various process elements, which may include reading learning content, completing a questionnaire, uploading documents and signing signature documents. Each record will have specific instructions – be sure to read these carefully.

Some records require a “recommendation” from a person in your college. A recommendation in Terra Dotta is simply a questionnaire that gathers information from a college representative. If your record requires a recommendation, you are required to request the recommendation from the appropriate individual in your college from within the Terra Dotta record. You will not be able to submit the record in Terra Dotta until the recommender completes the recommendation. You will know that the recommendation is complete when a checkmark appears in the box next to the recommender’s name in the Recommendations section of the record in Terra Dotta.  

In most cases, you do not have to complete the record in one sitting. You can return to your Terra Dotta User Home Page and access your pending (incomplete) record. Once you have completed all of the elements of a particular record, you must click the Submit button at the top of the record main page. This is very important! If you do not click the Submit button, your record will not be submitted to the Center for Global Health, and this will cause a delay in the processing of your request.

Terra Dotta Application Pages

With most requests in Terra Dotta, you must create a new record by clicking the application link in the application main page. Click on a specific request type below to go to the Terra Dotta application page:

Before accessing the Terra Dotta application page linked above, be sure to read the corresponding page on this website for that specific type of event or authorization. Use the menus on the sidebar to navigate through the different pages. For example, before beginning the F-1 Out of Country Travel record in your Terra Dotta Portal, you must read the F-1 Travel page for more information on the rules and requirements of international travel during your F-1 program.