Updating Your Contact Information

As an F-1 student, you are responsible for keeping your contact information updated with the Center for Global Health. This includes your U.S. residential (home) address and your U.S. phone number.

If you change your address or phone number, you must provide the updated information to the Center for Global Health within 10 days of the change. This is required by federal F-1 regulations. The Center for Global Health is then responsible for updating this information in SEVIS, the U.S. federal government database for F-1 students. Failure to report your change of address or phone number in a timely manner may impact your ability to maintain F-1 status.

Your Terra Dotta User Home Page allows you to view your U.S. address and phone number (by clicking Edit Profile, then Address Info). However, you will not be able to edit your address directly in Terra Dotta. This is because Terra Dotta is linked to the main MUSC records system for all students, so that your contact information in Terra Dotta is the same as your main MUSC student records.

Therefore, in order to update your address or phone number and satisfy the F-1 reporting requirement, you must update your information in your MUSC Student Portal. When you update your information, be sure that you are spelling the street name correctly and that you provide an apartment or unit number, if applicable. It typically takes a few days for your information to update in Terra Dotta after you update your MUSC Student Portal. If you experience issues with updating your MUSC Student Portal, please contact registrar@musc.edu.

As indicated above, it is very important that you keep your address and phone number updated in Terra Dotta so that you can maintain compliance with F-1 regulations. In addition, if we have to mail any documents to you during your time in F-1 status, we will use the current address in Terra Dotta.