Bicentennial Camellia Collection

In keeping with out ever-expanding mission to transform the university campus into a place of optimal healing and learning by creating an urban landscape that invigorates, inspires and teaches through nature, we are proud to have established the 2024, Bicentennial Camellia Collection at the MUSC Arboretum.

This collection of over 100 camellias is thriving under the canopies of our cherished trees along Ashley Avenue just off of the Horseshoe in front of the Basic Science Building, also known as the MUSC College of Dental Medicine. The garden is surrounded by a wall of evergreen hedges and boasts plenty of private seating for a small group or larger party. Each camellia plant is labeled with its variety on a metal tag and can also be found on the map.

In 1786, the first camellia traveled to America by ship and was delivered to Ashley River Plantation (Now Middleton Place) from Andre Michaux, the royal botanist for King Louis XVI of France. He brought over the 'Reine des Fluers' (Queen of the Flowers) Camellia. Charleston has strong, historical ties to camellias which is why the Camellia Collection at the MUSC Arboretum is perfect fit for MUSC's 200th Anniversary!