Innovatively Speaking

Innovatively Speaking

Join Jesse Goodwin, chief innovation officer at MUSC, on the "Innovatively Speaking podcast", where she dives into the origins of the next big things! We'll explore the who, why and how of ideas that are changing what’s possible at MUSC and in some cases, across the world! Subscribe via your favorite podcast app and listen in on conversations with expert guests whose breakthrough ideas and technology are reshaping life and health care in exceptional ways! 

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Episode one: Tackling Postpartum Depression and Anxiety with Connie Guille, M.D.

Our Innovation team sits down with Connie Guille, M.D., director of the Women’s Reproductive Behavioral Health (WRBH) Division at MUSC and associate Professor in the departments of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health and Sciences and Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Guille discusses her new innovative screening process, "Listening to Women," that's being adopted in OBGYN care nationally as well as postpartum depression and anxiety.   

Episode two: Astronauts, Anxiety and the Trip to Marks with Mark George, M.D.

Hear from Dr. Mark George, endowed professor of psychiatry at MUSC and a pioneer in the field of brain stimulation and treatments! Dr. George discusses treating depression, OCD, PTSD and more through the use of magnets (transcranial magnetic stimulation) as well as the opportunity to treat NASA astronauts dealing with depression on the way to Mars!

Episode three: The Most Common Disease You've Never Heard Of with Chip Norris, Ph.D., and Cortney Gensemer, Ph.D.

Dr. Chip Norris and Dr. Cortney Gensemer, both with the internationally known Norris Lab at MUSC, join the show to discuss some misunderstandings on Ehlers Danlos syndrome (EDS). EDS is labeled the most common disease you’ve never heard of, affecting almost 1 in 300 individuals. Norris and Gensemer show how learning about this condition could help parents manage constant pain their children may be dealing with. 

Episode four: Baby Steps for Preterm Infants with Dorothea Jenkins, M.D., and Bashar Badran, Ph.D.

Every year, the #1 cause of death for preterm babies in the United States is feeding behavior. Dr. Dorothea Jenkins and Dr. Bashar Badran, guest on this week’s episode to discuss their new new device, BabyStrong, designed to help enhance feeding behavior in at-risk preterm babies. Recently FDA approved for testing, Jenkins and Badran discuss their own personal connections to developing this life-altering technology and how this non-invasive technology stimulates the baby’s brain to learn to feed. 

Episode five: Painlessly Saving Lives with Nicole McCoy, M.D.

At any given time about 7,500 Americans are actively searching for bone marrow donors but only 2% of the population is a registered donor, possibly due to fear of the pain and side effects. This week on Innovatively Speaking, Kevin and Jesse are joined Nicole McCoy, M.D., whose innovative technique is eliminating pain in bone marrow transplants.  A Pediatric Anesthesiologist at MUSC, McCoy’s regional anesthesia technique called a quadratus lumborum block (QL block) has radically improved pain control in donors, to the point where they are receiving almost zero pain medicine or opioids in the recovery room.