Executive Vice President for Finance & Operations

Lisa Montgomery VP Finance and Operations

Lisa Montgomery, Executive Vice President for Finance and Operations oversees the operations of the Presidents' Office and is directly responsible
for four main university units: Diversity and Inclusion, Facilities, Finance, and Operations.

Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:
Willette S. Burnham-Williams, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, University Chief Diversity Officer & Title IX Coordinator – Main Office - 843-792-1072

Greg Weigle, Chief Facilities Officer - Main Office - 843-792-2721

Patrick J. Wamsley, CPA, Chief Financial Officer - Main Office - 843-792-8908

Stewart Mixon, Chief Operations Officer - Main Office - 843-792-0888

Strategic Risk Management:
Reece Humphreys Smith, MBA – Director - 843-792-9576