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MUSC residential students are automatically assessed a Wellness Fee each academic term as part of the cost of attendance. Students may use their student ID badges to access the facility and services anytime during operational hours.

Student spouses and dependents (ages 18-26) are eligible to receive a discounted membership rate. The student spouse/dependent rate is $55 per month with a one-time enrollment fee of $35.

MUSC online (web) students who wish to use the facility must pay $150/per term ($300 for 12-mos) at the membership desk. Your student ID badge will be activated to grant access the facility at that time.               

  • $150 for summer II/fall term: July 1 - December 31

  • $150 for spring/summer I term: January 1 - June 30  

Visiting students may purchase a discounted monthly guest pass at the front membership desk for $68 per month. Students must present a valid Student ID to receive the discounted rate.  


Exercise Science Internship

The MUSC Wellness Center offers Exercise Science interns a valuable learning experience at a medical university dedicated to the promotion of health and fitness. We offer a full-time internship, which requires 360 hours per semester, and a part-time internship with hours depending on the Wellness Center needs and interns’ availability.

Facility Description

The MUSC Wellness Center is a facility dedicated to good health. The center fosters the development of healthy lifestyles through the promotion of wellness attitudes and practices. More than a health club, the MUSC Wellness Center focuses on the development of total well-being, with the belief that wellness is a balance of social, emotional, spiritual and physical health. The Wellness Center is open to the entire community, for adults over 18 years of age.

Contact Information

If you are interested in joining us for an internship, please, fill out an application below or mail your Resume/Cover Letter to: 

Tatiana Baier, Ph.D.

Program Director

Medical University of South Carolina

Harper Student Wellness Center

45 Courtenay Drive

P.O. Box 250976

Charleston, SC 29425

Phone: 843-792-4141

Apply online for MUSC Wellness Center Internship

What jobs, if any, have you held in the past that would relate to your internship placement? Please explain any experience you have in fitness testing: