Health Solutions

Who We Are

We are the strategic innovation and commercialization arm for the healthcare enterprise and are focused on shifting the healthcare industry and redefining the way care is delivered.

A visual of the Health Solutions pipeline.

What We Do

We work alongside leaders across MUSC Health to validate pain points, conduct market research, develop build/buy/partner recommendations, craft business cases for investment, and ultimately bring innovative solutions to life.

Health Solutions works to prioritize one key theme per quarter from the several opportunities that enter our pipeline, then we begin the problem identification, discovery, and validation phase that kickstarts the solution development lifecycle.

If you have an innovation idea, you can submit it to the MUSC Innovation Gateway.

Our Strategic Focus Areas

Health Solutions has identified five key areas of focus to help us best impact the future of care: Workforce Optimization, Enhanced Consumer Experiences, Virtual Care Continuum, Advancing Access to Care, and Technology & Data Strategy.

Workforce Optimization: Integrating technology, analytics, and well-being for an effective healthcare workforce.

Enhanced Consumer Experiences: Improving satisfaction through personalized, accessible services; leveraging technology to tailor healthcare experiences.

Virtual Care Continuum: Seamless hybrid care delivery and promotion of nontraditional care delivery sites.

Advancing Access to Care: Implementing measures for convenient healthcare services.

Technology and Data Strategy: Optimizing technology for innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantage, focusing on comprehensive data management.

Our Partners

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Our Portfolio

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