What's Possible

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Sponsored by the Office of Innovation, the What’s Possible? voucher program is a competitive funding opportunity designed to enable the development, pilot testing, and evaluation of up to ten (10) MUSC Health Innovation Pillar Goal projects in the Charleston Division this fiscal year.

Note: Only one Voucher per innovation project will be granted.

Eligible applicants must be current fiscal year MUSC Health Innovation Pillar Goal Takers located in the Charleston Division who have opted to Address a Problem or Opportunity Through a Creative Solution.

Each selected project will receive up to $1000 in funding.
Funds must be used for the direct advancement of your FY22 MUSC Innovation Pillar Goal project in compliance with MUSC Health purchasing policies.
Funds may not be used toward personnel expenses including salary and fringe benefits, or for personal computing equipment.
Funds will be dispersed by the Office of Innovation to the applicant’s designated cost center.

To apply, applicants should submit their Innovation Pillar Goal project via the MUSC Innovation Gateway by November 1, 2021. Applicants must include a description of how the funds will be used.
See attachment for specific submission instructions.

Applications will be reviewed and selected by the Office of Innovation in collaboration with MUSC Health Leadership.

Application Opens: October 1, 2021
Application Due: November 1, 2021
Notice of Award: November 15, 2021

Email questions to Office of Innovation.