Social Enrichment

Diverse group of MUSC SGA students


Social enrichment encourages participating and contributing to one’s community, campus, and environment. When provided the opportunity to build personal and professional communities, students can enhance their ability to maintain healthy relationships, enjoy being with others, develop friendships and intimate relations, care about others, and let others care about them.

Characteristics of Social Wellness:

  • Participate in university activities, sporting events, students organizations, and university offered programs
  • Become familiarized with all departments on campus
  • Volunteer 
  • Join a civic or community organization
  • Actively participate in study groups and with colleagues
  • Incorporate social, or fun, activities along with upholding obligations

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Evaluate Your Social Enrichment - What Do You Already Do? 

Share your story with us on what you already do that contributes to your social enrichment and why it is beneficial to you. At the end of each month, we will draw from the submissions and award multiple MUSC Promotional Prizes (e.g. water bottle, beach towel, yoga mat)! 

QR code. Takes user to Redcap promotional survey about evaluating their financial wellness.

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Attend the Annual Student Activities Fair 

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Join and participate in a MUSC Student Organizations and Affinity Groups 

Whether you’re looking to fulfill a passion or special interest, or join the conversation to learn about yourself and others, MUSC has a vibrant array of over 80 student organizations, affinity and interest groups. Getting involved with student organizations is a great way to grow your interest in an interprofessional environment.

Group of MUSC students engaging at the Student Activities Fair.

MUSC Student Orgs

Visit the MUSC Student Organizations page to access the list of officially recognized university-wide and college specific student organizations.

Several Multicultural Organizations and Affinity Groups have also been created over the course of MUSC's history to help advance the educational environment for students whose identity places them in what is considered to be a marginalized group. 

Don’t forget to get involved in your college-specific student organization and specific classes that operates as a student organization (e.g. DPT Class of 2023).

Multicultural Student Orgs

Visit the Multicultural Student Organizations on the Office of Student Programs and Student Diversity website to view descriptions of the organizations.

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Connect with a Person You've Lost Contact With Since Starting at MUSC

Group of students excitedly greeting one another with open arms. 

College life is a period during which individuals are for the most part exposed to stress and lack of time, posing a barrier to adoption of healthy practices [Sjawani, 2009]. With the lack of time and potential distance from social networks, it can be easy to lose touch with those who are important to us. Reach out to someone you've lost touch with since you've started your studies at MUSC; any means of communication (phone, social media, etc..) is acceptable to use.  

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Attend an event sponsored by the MUSC Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) at the Medical University of South Carolina provides a collective voice of students on campus with administration and the community.  In addition, the MUSC SGA provides a variety of events and activities each year to enhance the student experience. 

Note: this year the SGA has modified many of its events to be in compliance with CDC recommendations for social distancing. Check event communications for full details.

Examples of MUSC SGA events include:

Social Events:

  • Night at the Riverdogs
  • Night at the Aquarium
  • MUSC Oyster Roast
  • Alhambra

Cultural Arts Events:

  • Comedy Night at Theatre 99
  • Footlight Theatre
  • Night at the Halsey Gallery
  • Night at the Ballet

MUSC SGA events are regularly advertised on Student Broadcast, the MUSC SGA Facebook page, and Instagram.

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Volunteer and then report your hours through MUSC GIVES BACK and Helper Helper

Imagine exploring your interest in healthcare while giving back to a community in need. MUSC Gives Back provides assistance in selecting, organizing and implementing student community volunteer opportunities.

Ready to volunteer? Check Out Helper Helper!

Introducing MUSC Student Volunteer Tracking & Search Mobile App - Helper Helper!  Student Programs and Student Diversity’s MUSC Gives Back program is excited to announce the launch of a new mobile app and web-based program that allows current students to: 

  • Track volunteer hours. 
  • Browse ongoing opportunities to serve as a volunteer in the Charleston community. 
  • Access a service portfolio of hours you have reported over time.
  • Sign-up for organized, student group volunteer experiences.

Download Helper Helper

Click to download the free Helper Helper app:

How do I submit a volunteer event to my record?

  1. Log into the Helper Helper app via phone or tablet or visit in your browser.
  2. Click on "Add Past Commitment" on the left menu and enter volunteer event information as prompted.
  3. Click "Submit Commitment" at bottom of form.
  4. Your recorded service hours will then be visible under See Stats and Goals/Service Record

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Attend an Event Hosted at the Medical District Greenway

Charleston Medical District's Greenway's logo

Located in the heart of the Charleston Medical District, The Greenway is a place for patients to heal, a place for friends and family to connect, and an outdoor meeting space for colleagues. The CMD Greenway is designed to bring people together in an innovative environment. The Greenway is located on Doughty Street from President Street to Courtenay Drive. 

Click on the Greenway logo above to access their website. There you will find the Greenway's calendar of events as well as other resources that include the future plans with the space as well as the ability to sign up for notifications of happenings.

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