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How does MUSC define Innovation?

The Chief Innovation Officer defines innovation as a “creative solution to a pain point”. That pain point may be for yourself, your unit, your patients, your lab, or the enterprise. Check out the Get Inspired page to see illustrative examples of the diverse innovations on campus. Past winners include inventions, community health programs, patient experience enhancements, improvements to MUSC service and operational efficiencies.


Are there groups that can help me build and test my idea?

Yes! See the Get Assistance page for a list of groups and services.


Is there funding available to develop my idea?

Yes! See the Get Funded page for a list of funding sources.


What is the Zucker Institute for Innovation Commercialization? 

The Zucker Institute for Innovation Commercialization is responsible for evaluating all intellectual assets the enterprise owns and generates, cultivating value and forging industry and other relationships resulting in products and services that provide real-life solutions to the world’s medical needs.

Acting as a component of the Office of Innovation, they lead the commercialization of IP-backed innovations from the Medical University of South Carolina. 

When should I first talk to someone at MUSC about my idea?

Before you talk about it publicly! There are intellectual property impacts if you or your students present at a conference, publish an abstract or journal article, defend a dissertation, publish a thesis, or talk to potential industry partners prior to filing a patent.


Can I reach out to an industry vendor/partner for help?

We recommend you work through one of the various innovation support teams to ensure that the partnership protects your interests.


What if I want to start my own company?

MUSC has a vibrant startup ecosystem. See the Startup page for information on our companies, policies, and support.


What if I conceived of my idea on my own time?

The MUSC IP policy gives the enterprise rights to anything that you create within your hired field of expertise. It is blind to the time use to work on the innovation. Compliance with the policy is a condition of employment and student status. [Link to MUSC IP Policy]


What is the MUSC Health Innovation Pillar Goal?

Certain individuals from MUSC Health may select or be assigned Innovation as a pillar goal for the year. Goal takers are charged with identifying a problem or opportunity, and creating a plan addressing it. The pillar goal culminates with the Innovation Poster Session, held during Innovation week each year. Find more details here (with MUSC credentials).