Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the final authority and the governing body of The Medical University of South Carolina, its colleges, outreach programs, and ancillary functions. The Board establishes the general policies of the University, defines educational programs, and approves annual budgets. The Board names the principal officers of the University, including the President and Vice Presidents. Meeting six (6) times a year, the comprised group includes physicians, dentists, an attorney, business executives, a CPA, a former state legislator, a former educator, and an engineer.

Board of Trustees Member Biographies


Service Began

Expiration of Terms

Members Representing    
Donald R. Johnson II, M.D.
(First District) Charleston
1994 2022
James Lemon, D.M.D., Chairman
(Second District) Columbia
2014 2022
Richard M. Christian, Jr., M.D.
(Third District) Greenwood
2017 2022
Henry Frederick "Fritz" Butehorn III, M.D.
(Fourth District)
             2019 2024
G. Murrell Smith, Sr., M.D.
(Fifth District) Sumter
 2013 2024
W. Melvin "Mel" Brown III, M.D.
(Sixth District) Charleston 
 2018 2022
Paul T. Davis, D.M.D.
(Seventh District) Darlington
 2018 2024
 Lay Members    
Michael E. Stavrinakis, B.S.
(First District) Charleston 
 2013 2024
William H. Bingham, Sr., P.E.          
(Second District) Columbia 
 2002 2024
Charles W. Schulze, C.P.A., Vice Chairman
(Third District) Greenwood 
 2002 2024
Thomas L. Stephenson, Esq.
(Fourth District) Greenville 
1998 2022
Terri R. Barnes, B.S.
(Fifth District) Rock Hill 
 2014 2022
Barbara Johnson-Williams, Ed.S 
(Sixth District) Orangeburg 
 2013 2024
The Honorable James A. Battle, Jr., M.B.A.
(Seventh District) Nichols 
 2013 2022
Bartlett "Bart" J. Witherspoon, Jr., M.D.
 2019 Governor's At-Large Member 
C. Guy Castles III, M.D.*
 2017 Governor's Designee 
*Serves at the pleasure of the Governor