MUSC Healthcare Simulation Center

The faculty and staff at the MUSC Healthcare Simulation Center strive to increase knowledge and improve skills to promote patient safety by allowing individuals and groups to experience a representation of an actual health care event. The MUSC Healthcare Simulation Center serves students, residents, and staff across the Medical University enterprise in an 11,000 square foot facility and through “in-situ” simulation within selected clinical areas. The simulation center facility has 12 simulation rooms and 3 classrooms plus an inventory of 30 high fidelity simulators of all ages, from newborn to adult, dozens of task trainers, and several virtual reality trainers. Over 90 percent of the simulation activities held at the MUSC Healthcare Simulation Center use programmed scenarios, developed by our programming experts in conjunction with subject matter experts, to promote standardization of the simulation experience among different learners. 

Picture of Lewis Blackman

The MUSC Healthcare Simulation Center honors the young life of Lewis Blackman who succumbed to a tragic, but preventable medical error at the age of 15. We encourage you to read more about Lewis Blackman and how this event shaped our mission to enhance the education of healthcare professions and improve the provision of healthcare across the MUSC enterprise.

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