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Aquatics Training

Swimming Lessons

40 minute swimming assessment

The Wellness Center is offering a one time, introductory swimming lesson, 40 minutes for $30, available as a one-time purchase, limit one per person. This great offer can serve as a starting point for a beginning swimmer or to assess stroke mechanics and technique for a current swimmer. This offer can also serve as an opportunity to learn about and create a training plan for a swimmer wishing to participate in more advanced events. Please contact us for more information or to register: 843-792-5757 or email

Swimming Lessons and Training For All Ability Levels with Kathleen Wilson

Pack of 4 X 30min = total 2h, Members $119, Students $99, Non-members $160* (*all sessions must be completed in 1 month since the sign up date, full-time 1 month membership included)

Please contact us for more information or to register: 843-792-5757 or email

Personalized Swim Coach

This 6-week program is for swimmers who wish to have their swimming technique reviewed and critiqued with a professional coach and receive weekly training schedules and tasks to support personal goals. Weekly workouts will be tailored to each client with some standardization. The on-line program is a perfect way to train for a particular water event with specific guidance on training from a highly qualified instructor. The training is excellent for local events such as the Low country Splash, the Swim Around Charleston and also the spring and summer triathlon season. This program can also be used for anyone wishing to create a personalized water fitness regimen.

Program includes:

One hour consultation and coaching session to determine goals and assess stroke technique; 2-3 weekly workouts personally designed and delivered via email; 30 minute post pool assessment with consultation; open communication with Coach Wilson via email or phone

Members $225, Register at the membership desk

Water For Arthritis

This program is designed for those with arthritis or similar chronic conditions and who wish to use the buoyancy of the water to reduce pain, improve strength, range of motion, balance, and flexibility. Why water for arthritis?

  • Water removes the impact stress of ground reaction force.
  • Water provides greater resistance than air helping to strengthen muscles and burn more calories than on land.
  • Water allows you to work at a higher level that you could tolerate on land, which helps improve mobility and strengthen cardiovascular endurance.


It takes an extraordinary commitment of our resources to prepare, coordinate, and staff our facilities, programs, services, and classes; therefore, all payments are non-refundable and non-proratable.

The following fee for services, classes, and programs are not refundable and not prorated:

  • Locker Rentals
  • Parking Fees
  • Room Rental
  • Guest Fees
  • Program Fees including small group training, swim lessons, personal training sessions, Pilates, etc.

MUSC Wellness Center reserves the right to delay or cancel any activity or class due to inclement weather, natural disasters, or extenuating circumstances. Weather make-up sessions may be scheduled, but are not guaranteed. No credits or refunds will be issued for classes not attended. All training sessions and programs must be purchased in advance. Session and program payments are non-refundable. Training sessions cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time will be redeemed, and cannot be rescheduled unless the trainer and management provide an exception for special circumstances. Transferring unused personal training sessions to an immediate family member may be allowed at the discretion of the Wellness Center Director.