Student Advisory Council

The Center for Global Health is currently accepting Student Advisory Council applicant submissions. For more information, please review council member application instructions

The Global Health Student Advisory Council was created to bring together students with an interest in global health to foster collaboration and interdisciplinary engagement across campus.

The purpose of the Global Health Student Advisory Council is to provide the students’ perspective, input, and advice to the Center for Global Health. The council will advise the Center for Global Health on pressing global health issues at the College level, provide insight and feedback on events and activities, and strategies to strengthen engagement with MUSC students.

More specifically, as a member, student participants will be charged with the following:

  • To provide the student perspective on current and future global health programming, resources, and events
  • To serve as a voice for their respective college in communicating student interests in global health
  • To increase the visibility of global health activities at MUSC
  • To organize and participate in global health events on campus
  • To create effective communication with other MUSC student organizations with similar global health interests.

The Center for Global Health will serve as liaisons to support the activities of the Council such as identifying meeting spaces, providing refreshments, facilitating communication between members, and implementing the programs recommended by the student leaders.

View the Global Health Student Advisory Council charter.