Career Exploration Opportunities

The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) recognizes the value of visitors and developing future health care workers. Therefore, MUSC will enhance the awareness and training of those interested in health careers, through career exploration and development opportunities. Students and/or individuals governed by the Visitor and Career Exploration Program's policy include those participating in facility tours, job shadowing, observing, mentoring, and clinical sponsorship, as deemed appropriate.

MUSC Health Opportunities

If you are interested in opportunities with MUSC Health (hospital), please visit the MUSC Health Volunteers webpage or the MUSC Health Career Exploration webpage.

University Opportunities

Individuals are responsible for finding their own MUSC sponsor (i.e., health care professional) for observations and career explorations. Must be age 14 or older (16 or older for operating room).

During the months of May, June, and July, job shadowing in the Medical Center is limited to internal requests from MUSC managers and faculty. 

Job Shadowing

A brief educational work-based experience for high school and post secondary students, or adults with a bona fide educational interest. This experience generally lasts from 2 hours to 3 days and introduces the individual to a particular job or career by pairing the student with an employee or clinical faculty member. Students and/or other individuals will follow/shadow the employee as he/she performs normal work activities.


The mentoring program is a relationship between a high school or post-secondary student or adult with a bona fide educational interest, and an MUSC health care professional who guides the individual for a period greater than 3 months. University Human Resources Management may coordinate such programs in collaboration with the individual directly or through their school. Students are matched with an employee. Student/employee relationship is fostered through a variety of mechanisms such as one-on-one interaction, on-line communication, and on-site facility tour.


Considered an extension of job shadowing, lasting anywhere from 1 day to a maximum of 3 months. This opportunity is offered to high school students or post-secondary students or adults with a bona fide educational interest.

Clinical Sponsorship

Clinical Sponsorship is a structured observation program to develop an interest in a health care related career. Participants must be sponsored by a faculty member or administrator. The individual may observe and ask questions but will not perform patient care duties.

Visiting Practitioner

Visiting practitioners are individuals visiting the University/MUHA for one of the following purposes:

  • Educational experience or observation of the visitor.
  • Education of MUSC personnel.
  • Assistance with training of MUSC personnel in a procedure or technique.
  • Consultation with or without patient contact.

This policy does not apply to trainees who directly participate in patient care, who are subject to the policies governing Graduate Medical Education.

Adherence to individual departmental policies regarding such program(s) will be required of all participants and sponsors.

Career exploration opportunities involving research areas must also adhere to occupational and safety guidelines administered by the Department of University Risk Management.

Campus Tours

For tours of the Colleges for prospective students.  Please contact the college in which you are interested to set up a tour.