Facilitator Training Opportunities

All persons who facilitate sessions within the MUSC HSC or in situ using center manikins, trainers, or equipment must be adequately trained. Training is essential to ensure high-quality simulation-based education for learners within a safe environment and to prevent damage and undo wear and tear to simulation manikins, trainers, and equipment.

Facilitator training consists of three components:

  • Clinical or Procedural Content

The session sponsor is responsible for orienting new facilitators to learning objectives for the session, best practices for procedural training, scenario content, and/or other key content topics.

  • Facilitator Orientation

New facilitators will automatically be enrolled in a 30-35 minute online orientation module in OurDay. They must complete the online module prior to their first session at the simulation center or first-time use of center manikins, trainers, or scenarios for in situ session.

  • Session-specific Technical Training 

The simulation center staff is responsible for orienting new facilitators to the center policies and procedures, training new facilitators to appropriately use session-specific manikins, trainers, or other equipment, and running any session-specific scenarios using the Laerdal Learning Application (LLEAP).  New facilitators must arrange a time prior to the first session to meet with a simulation specialist to complete this training.