South Carolina Police Officers Retirement Plan (PORS)


Effective July 1, 2017, 9.75 percent of pre-tax salary. MUSC Law Enforcement Officers and Security Specialists only are eligible for this plan. These contributions will be placed in an account in your name that draws interest per year. Your employer also contributes to the plan. However, if you terminate employment and receive a refund of your contributions, your employer's contributions will not be refunded to you. Election of membership is permanent until you separate employment or are assigned to an exempt position.

Retirement Eligibility

Class II Members

(effective date of membership prior to July 1, 2012)

  • Age 55 with at least 5 years of earned service; or,
  • 25 years of service credit, 5 years of which must be earned service.

Class III Members

(effective date of membership July 1, 2012 and after)

  • Age 55 with at least 8 years of earned service; or,
  • 27 years of service credit, 8 years of which must be earned service.

Insurance Benefits

Based on years of service and retirement criteria. Please contact the benefits office at 843-792-2607 for more information.

Review detailed plan information in the PORS Handbook and on the PEBA website.