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Aquatic Trainers

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Kathleen Wilson

Kathleen Wilson has a multi-faceted background in aquatics. As a competitor, she specializes in marathon swimming, having completed many of the world's greatest swims and was the first South Carolina resident to swim the English Channel. While still actively training and competing in marathon swimming, she has coached numerous swimmers to successful outcomes of other major marathon events and currently serves as the coach for MUSC's Wellness Center Swim Club. As a swim instructor, she enjoys working with adult students and is founder of SwimCalm, a program designed for adults with fear of water and who wish to learn to swim. Kathleen was enshrined into the SC Athletic Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2018! 


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Marty Rivers

BS, WSI, CPO, CPT is a Certified Personal Trainer and Master Swim Coach at MUSC who has more than twenty years of experience developing and implementing individualized and group swim lessons and programs for students at all levels. In his coaching career, Marty has trained one State Champion and several winners of the HCC competition at MUSC. Marty started swimming at the age of 13 and brings a dynamic and functional approach to swimming that enables students to meet and exceed their potential by developing their mental and physical stamina and capability.