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Clinical Exercise Programs

The MUSC Wellness Center's Clinical Exercise Department develops and implements exercise programs specific to the needs of various clinical populations. The programs are designed to maintain and continue to build on improving strength and stamina through science backed exercise modalities and go beyond the parameters of typical fitness classes by including more supportive aspects such as nutrition counseling and other educational resources.

The Clinical Exercise Department collaborates with MUSC healthcare providers to ensure the best and safest exercise protocols are followed for all participants. 

Chrissie Wojciechowski and Cindi Day
For more information about the Clinical Exercise Department or any of the clinical exercise programs, please contact Chrissie Wojciechowski 
or Cindi Day.

Better Back Program

The Better Back Program is a joint-by-joint approach supported training system that considers the comprehensive effect of joint issues.  The program will provide participants with a safe and encouraging environment to help gain mobility as well as build on strength.

The goal for Better Back is to assist anyone experiencing back pain or discomfort that surgical intervention has been ruled out as a means of alleviating the pain, back stiffness/weakness or instability that prevents you from enjoying an active lifestyle. The Better Back program is divided into 2 phases which will consist of two 30 minute sessions per week on Mondays and Wednesdays at 3:30pm for 6 weeks.

Phase 1 focuses on mobility/stability and runs from January 29 through March 6. Once completed, participants can move on to building strength in phase 2 which begins March 11 and runs through April 17

Each participant will begin with an initial 1-on-1 assessment with a trainer and
 then move into small group training sessions. 

Membership Price: $216.00 (per phase)

Non-membership Price: $240.00 (per phase)

Better Back Program

at the MUSC Wellness Center

Breast Cancer Survivors' Fit Club

The MUSC Wellness Center partners with the Hollings Cancer Center to provide a 10-week breast cancer survivor wellness program. Fit Club focuses on improving cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, body composition, fatigue, anxiety, depression, self-esteem and several quality of life factors specific to cancer survivors. The program includes a two month membership and classes twice a week featuring: 

  • Pre/post body composition testing
  • Exercise and recreational programming with continuous communication from fitness and health professionals
  • Nutrition education
  • In-person group personal training
  • Yoga and mindfulness classes
  • Breathing for stress reduction
  • Support and affirmation from community and clinical staff 

This program is sponsored by Racquets for Recovery, an annual tennis tournament that benefits breast cancer patients at the Hollings Cancer Center. 

Participation in Fit Club requires a physician referral. Contact us for more information; additional information is also available on the Hollings Cancer Center website.

Fight Back 

Fight Back Participants 

Fight Back is a continuation program that will support the participants who have completed the MUSC Wellness Center's Breast Cancer Survivors Fit Club.  

The goal of the program is to provide participants a safe and supportive environment to maintain the strength and physical stamina gained while participating in Survivors Fit Club.

The program meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-9:30 am.  Each program session includes 24 hour-long classes that include: 

  • Functional movement and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) training
  • Strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility training
  • Exercises that enhance trunk rotation, core strength, gait, and postural health
  • Non-contact boxing-based drills used to increase aerobic stamina and building confidence   

Program Session Dates:

  • March 26 - June 19
  • July 9 - September 19 
  • September 24 - December 19

This program is fully sponsored by the Hollings Cancer Center and is limited to previous participants of the Breast Cancer Survivors Fit Club. 

Register for an upcoming program or contact us for more information.

Prostate Cancer Survivors' Strength Camp 

In collaboration with the Hollings Cancer Center, the MUSC Wellness Center provides a comprehensive 10-week program for prostate cancer survivors that provides a supportive, group based approach to improve overall well-being. The program includes a two month membership and classes twice a week featuring: 

  • Pre/post body composition testing
  • Exercise and recreational programming with continuous communication from fitness and health professionals
  • Nutrition education
  • In-person group personal training
  • Yoga and mindfulness classes
  • Breathing for stress reduction and pelvic floor strengthening sessions
  • Support and affirmation from community and clinical staff 

This program is fully sponsored by the Hollings Cancer Center and requires a physician referral. Contact us for more information about registering for the program.


Rheumor Has It
Rheumor Has It

The Rheumatology Program encourages individuals with rheumatological disorders to safely and effectively exercise using aquatics and some land-based exercise protocols. The Rheumor Has It program will start on May 6 and will meet twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:30 - 2:15 pm through July 10.  

Program includes: 

  • Aquatic, low-impact exercises
  • Yoga
  • Stretch clinic
  • Body composition scans
  • Nutritional education

Program cost:

  • Member: $185
  • Employee: $195
  • Non-member: $220
  • Student: $50

This program requires physician clearance and referral. Contact us for more information.


Rock Steady Boxing 

Rock Steady Boxing is an exercise program designed to improve the mobility, balance and strength of people fighting Parkinson’s disease. The program is based on:

  • No-Contact Boxing
  • Stretching
  • Balance and Mobility Training
  • Strength Training
  • Overall motor recruitment
  • Hand-eye coordination and mental focus exercises
  • Specialized cardiovascular training
  • Many other scientifically proven exercises to help patients with Parkinson’s

Ongoing classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:15am-12:15pm 

Program Fee: 3 months (24 classes) for Wellness Center members $150, for non-members $250

Rock Steady Boxing is a team environment.  Teamwork and leadership emerge giving members regained confidence and an opportunity for socialization. MUSC Wellness Center welcomes people of all  fitness and functional levels to join us — whether you are still able to jump rope or function best with a walker, come laugh, sweat and fight back with us!

"Parkinson's disease is a neurological disorder whose progressive nature can be inhibited, and potentially reversed, by the rigorous program of exercise inherent in the Rock Steady Boxing program and the warm, supportive atmosphere created by Rock Steady coaches."

- Rodger, RSB Boxer, Austin, TX

What else is Rock Steady Boxing?

Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) is specific to Parkinson’s disease. Every RSB Coach has completed an intensive training and certification program developed over the last ten years that assures an understanding of Parkinson’s disease and the benefits of a RSB style boxing method. As a member of the RSB Affiliate program, they receive on-going continuing education about the treatment of Parkinson’s disease symptoms through non-contact, forced intense exercise, and access to symptom specific consulting which addresses individual challenges. RSB classes are designed to be modified for all levels of Parkinson’s, at any stage of the disease. Each participant is assessed before they start RSB classes, both for overall physical fitness and for the progression of Parkinson’s symptoms. Class placement is designed to both challenge and allow optimal functioning with other participants of similar ability. This careful evaluation allows coaches to know not only the participant’s stage of Parkinson’s, but also to be aware of other health concerns that should be addressed. 
RSB classes are more than just boxing. Classes are designed to help with voice activation and manual dexterity. Many Affiliates design programs especially toward their specific boxers.
 Having a knowledgeable coach who understands Parkinson’s can make all the difference. RSB Coaches are trained to identify specific PD symptoms during a workout. Our coaches focus on Parkinson’s specifically and know what signs and symptoms to look for during class. At Rock Steady, camaraderie among folks fighting the same disease is essential to the overall experience. 
This is a community of people who are all fighting back against Parkinson’s disease. They are not training for a prize fight, or just trying to get in shape, they are committed to keeping their disease at bay and maintaining their quality of life as long as possible. Parkinson’s can be an isolating disease, and many people with Parkinson’s withdraw from family and friends due to depression. Rock Steady Boxing at MUSC can offer its boxers support through the friendships they develop among other participants. 

What about newly diagnosed, young onset Parkinson’s?

Newly diagnosed, young-onset and in-shape people with Parkinson’s make up a very small percentage of the PD population, and they are often able to train among a healthy population. However, this is not always advisable, due to the need for camaraderie and the experience of fighting back with others who truly understand the challenges. 

Our RSB certified coaches are looking forward to meeting you! Contact us for more information.