Citizen Complaints & Commendations

Please Note

This form is for remarks about employees of the MUSC Department of Public Safety only. MUSC Health patients with concerns about inpatient or outpatient quality of care, or about a specific provider, should address their comments to the appropriate Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs)

Office of Professional Standards

The Office of Professional Standards is responsible for investigating complaints and allegations of improper conduct, as well as receiving commendations regarding employees of the Medical University of South Carolina Department of Public Safety.


During non-business hours, complaints may be directed to an on-duty supervisor by calling 843-792-2261. Complaints may be made by completing the form below, by telephone, letter, or in person. Complaints must be made by the person directly involved or by any witness. Other involved individuals may give statements as witnesses. Complaints should be reported as soon as possible. Policy 31: Internal Affairs describes the procedures to be followed upon receipt of a complaint.


Recognition of a job well done is equally important. Citizens are encouraged to call, write, or submit this form to the Department of Public Safety regarding exceptional service or performance by its employees. All commendations received are forwarded to the employee, their supervisor, and the Director of Public Safety.

How Complaints are Investigated

All complaints are investigated. Complainants will be interviewed in person or over the telephone. Serious complaints, such as allegations of criminal conduct or excessive use of force, are investigated by the Internal Affairs Unit. Less serious matters will normally be investigated by the employee’s immediate supervisor.

The following steps are taken in the investigation of your complaint:

  • Any citizen who believes a Public Safety employee has acted improperly may make a complaint to any on-duty supervisor or directly to the Office of Professional Standards.
  • The complaint is received, generally in the form of a signed Report of Police Misconduct. This form may be obtained at the Public Safety Building or by contacting the on-duty supervisor who will supply the form upon request.
  • Complaints of a serious nature are assigned to the Internal Affairs Unit . A minor complaint is forwarded to the employee's supervisor.
  • The report is forwarded to the affected employee’s supervisor for review and disciplinary recommendations. The Director of Public Safety reviews the supervisors’ disciplinary recommendations and makes the final determination in serious matters.
  • The employee is informed of the findings and determination of discipline.
  • Findings and disciplinary recommendations are forwarded to the Office of Professional Standards for filing. The results of the investigation are reported as follows: Unfounded; Exonerated; Not Sustained; or Sustained. These results are shared with the complainant, usually in the form of a letter.

The MUSC Department of Public Safety believes that a fair and impartial complaint review process is necessary to ensure that the community receives the highest degree of professional law enforcement. If it becomes necessary to make a complaint, the citizen can be assured of a fair and thorough investigation.

False Complaints

Occasionally, the Department of Public Safety will receive false complaints against its employees. Citizens should be aware that knowingly making a false statement or written declaration is a violation of South Carolina State Statutes. All persons, who provide false or misleading information, subject themselves to arrest and criminal prosecution.