MUSC Presidential Update - July 2, 2021

Dear MUSC family,

According to Webster’s dictionary, independence can be defined as “freedom from the control, influence of others, not requiring or relying on others.” That’s certainly what it means when we celebrate our nation’s birthday each year as we commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 by delegates from the original 13 colonies. These visionaries risked everything to fight for a collective future and the right to shape it, ultimately having led others to the founding of the United States of America.

The concept of freedom takes on another meaning for us on July 4, 2021, as we have been engaged in another ongoing fight for independence – this time defined as “freedom from the control, influence of COVID-19.” Although there will likely be more battles to be fought, it is appropriate to celebrate the remarkable progress that we have collectively made since this time last year. Thanks to the sacrifices, hard work and contributions, at all levels, made by all of you and our colleagues across the nation, we are starting to free ourselves from the tyranny of the COVID-19 virus.

As we all reflect on what our nation has accomplished since its birth, as well as how much we still have to grow, I hope you also feel a special sense of gratitude about where we are today and take great pride in how the MUSC family has played a leadership role in this latest fight for independence.

Thank you for all you are doing to help each other, our communities and our state as we continue to move forward and beyond COVID-19. I wish you a safe, happy and healthy time with your loved ones as we celebrate this July 4th.

Yours in service,

David J. Cole, M.D., FACS
MUSC President