Global Health Student Advisory Council Charter

Name of Committee:

The MUSC Center for Global Health Student Advisory Council


The MUSC Center for Global Health fosters a range of successful initiatives to facilitate, coordinate and enhance global health research, education and service across the institution. Due to the growing student interest and enthusiasm for global health engagement, it has become apparent that a formal venue for the student’s voice and insight is needed. The Center for Global Health Student Advisory Council is intended to bring together students with an interest in global health to 1) foster collaboration and interdisciplinary engagement, and 2) to provide MUSC leadership with insight into efforts that may successfully enhance global health programs and opportunities for all members of the student body.

Classification/Terms of Appointment:

This is an MUSC University Council.

Formal Charges:

The Center for Global Health Student Advisory Council will function in an advisory and consultative capacity. It is created to support the efforts of the MUSC Center for Global Health and to communicate the student interest related to the same. The purpose of this Student Advisory Council shall be to serve as student allies, advocates and ambassadors, and to bring the student perspective to the Center for Global Health. Expectations include the following:

  • Act as advisors to the Center for Global Health with respect to future student engagement, programming, and events
  • Actively organize and attend global health events
  • Serve as a voice for their respective colleges in communicating student interests in global health
  • Increase the visibility of global health activities at MUSC
  • Support and promote new global health programs, initiatives, and project
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other student organizations with similar global health interests.

This Student Advisory Council has no programmatic, administrative, or legislative authority and will serve in an advisory role only.

Administrative Channels/Procedures:

The Council is chaired by the Executive Director and the Faculty Director of the MUSC Center for Global Health and shall operate under the governance of the MUSC administration and ultimately the MUSC Provost.


Membership on the Student Advisory Council shall be determined by the Executive Director and the Faculty Director of the Center for Global Health and shall consist of students interested in the stated purpose of the organization who have completed an application process. Members shall be enrolled in one of MUSC’s six colleges, shall maintain good academic standing, and shall maintain good professional standing while serving.

Members shall serve at least one academic year but no more than two (2) successive years. The Student Advisory Council will aspire to have at least two student representatives from each college serving at all times on the advisory council. Members should have significant past experiences and engagement in global health and be in good academic standing.

Members serve on a volunteer basis only and shall receive no compensation for their services as members. Because membership is voluntary, there may be times when all colleges are not represented on the Council. However, due diligence shall be made to assure that representation of students from all colleges is maintained whenever a vacancy occurs.

Frequency of Meetings:

Regular meetings of the SAC shall occur at least four times per year. (Note: can meet more but cannot meet less).

Notice of Meetings: 

The Student Advisory Council may modify the annual meeting schedule at the beginning of each academic year. Follow-up email notices will be provided to each Council member and in advance of every scheduled meeting.

Meeting Agenda and Support Material:

A formal meeting agenda and appropriate supportive materials shall be available at all meetings.

Committee Minutes:

Summary minutes of each committee meeting shall be prepared and submitted to all members for information and follow-up.

Amendment to this Charter: 

Should any amendment to this charter be required, the Executive Director of the Center for Global Health shall work with the Student Advisory Council to derive an amendment suitable to all parties. The amended charter shall be approved, completed, signed, and issued to all members with all possible haste.