Therapeutics Grant

Zucker Institute for Innovation Commercialization

IDEA Therapeutics Grant

Sponsored by the Office of Innovation and the Zucker Institute for Innovation Commercialization, the IDEA Therapeutics Grant provides $40,000 in Therapeutic-based product advancement to support short-term (six month) projects designed to improve the translation potential of an innovation by moving it to the next developmental milestone(s), thus increasing the likelihood of partnerships, licensing, or implementation.

Example milestones for the IDEA Therapeutics Grant include but are not limited to:

  • Medicinal chemistry to optimize compounds
  • Exploratory toxicology studies
  • Validation of a pharmacological target or translational biomarker
  • Efficacy studies
  • Assay development
  • Production

Innovations relying on development of digital or medical device technology are excluded from eligibility, as they are funded under the IDEA Technology Grant RFA.

This RFA is open to advance innovations protected by, or protectable by, IP that is assigned or assignable to MUSC pursuant the MUSC IP Policy. If a patent or patent application is not currently assigned to the Zucker Institute, a Record of Invention or Disclosure of Copyrightable Work must be on file with the Zucker Institute at least one month in advance of the application due date.

One project is anticipated to be funded this application cycle.



The Application consists of five components:

  1. Each investigator’s CV
  2. Project Summary, 1-page limit
  3. Budget and Justification: PHS 398format
  4. Project Proposal, 5-page limit
  5. Letter(s) of Support


Applications will be reviewed by a panel including scientific/technical evaluators, members from an external review board, Office of Innovation leadership, and the Zucker Institute.


Dates for the FY24 grant will be available soon.


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