What is OurDay?

OurDay is a cloud-based Workday platform that will allow MUSC to transform, integrate and simplify many processes related to finance, human capital, and supply chain across the enterprise. OurDay implementation consolidates more than 40 different systems, integrates with an additional 100 systems, bringing advanced technology and quality assurance to MUSC’s day-to-day operations. Read more information here.

What will OurDay mean to MUSC’s Suppliers?

OurDay will make MUSC more efficient, unified, and aligned with our strategic plan, OneMUSC. Suppliers will notice the differences in various ways, but most specifically in the following areas:

1. Purchase Orders (PO’s):
a. PO’s will change from current state
b. Entity information will be on the PO
c. Sample?
2. Communication options (PO’s, invoices, etc.)
a. Integration
b. Email
c. Supplier Portal

OurDay Questions?

If you have questions or would like more information, please email ourday-vendorcomms@musc.edu, and address your message to one of the following OurDay team members:

Kevin Martter, OurDay Procurement Lead
DaQurta Wright, University Procurement Team
Lee Gardner, Hospital Procurement Team
Elizabeth Sanders, MUSCP Procurement Team

If they don’t have the information you seek, they will help locate the right resource.